The refrigerated truck TEX CF 9T is fitted with an insulted inetrior where goods are stored an refrigeration unit to cretae a cold in the diferrent temperature ranges.
The storage space can be organized depending on the professional needs : storage racks , slip resistant flooring , interior lighting , side doors , meat hook and rails , etc.
The refrigerated truck TEX CF 9T maintains the cold chain during storage an transport .This is to ensure the transport of all temperature-sensitive goods.


–>Cab exterior dimensions : L x l x H : 6,7 m x 2,6m x 2,6m
–>Cab interior dimensions : L x l x H : 6,5m x 2,45m x 2,4m
–> Power: Diesel fuel and electrical connexion 380 V.Single temperature unit wich creates poitives and negatives cold.