Since 1977 , the TECHNIC EXPORT range of mobile training units allows suitable teaching on all sites , even the most isolated. Specialisation in different disciplines becomes accessible to young people through programs recommended by the Ministry of Employement , the Office of Professional Training for the Promotion of Work and the Ministry of National Education.

Tex mobile units opens up rural areas . Thanks to the expertise of the trainers these moile units move around to provide modern education adapted to the needs of the country’s economy .

Designed to provide multiple teaching , through theorical but also practical courses , TEX mobile units are equiped with adequate equipment and adapted to various existing disciplines : Auto mechanics , Bakery , Cutting and sewing , Forge , Welding , Lubrication , Public Works , Agricultural mechanics , Electricity , Building , NICT , Renewable energies , Agriculture , Irrigation.

Transported by road tractors , they deploy in record time to a surface of 30 to 120m².