The trailerized field bakery TEX PITA 250 HJ type makes possible preparation and baking of PITA bread in field conditions(240 PITAS per hour).Baking with the trailerized field bakery includes the different steps involved in the process: kneading, weighing, automatic divider,forming, rising), stone baking and natural cooling in a basket. The trailerized field bakery is specially designed to subsist to the need for PITA bread of the soldiers in the field.
The system is fully autonomous for power thanks to a built in diesel generator. The complete unit is fitted on a single axle trailer, completed
with a semi automatic deployed protection tarpauline on his
The unit is compact and can be disployed in a very
fast time.


Small unit mounted on a trailer of less than 2 tons, towed by a light 4×4.
-> Installation on site: 10 minutes.
-> Production capacity per day in crisis period: 1600 individual loaves – 24/24.
-> Dimension L x W x H : 2,2m x 2,08m x 2,5m (without drawbar).
If extreme weather conditions do not allow the transport of the bakery trailers by road, they are air transportable and heli transportable.