The TEX CBC 300 HJ is a bakery platform that is capable of making bread under an all-encompassing cover (canvas, shed, lean-to….). It is self-sufficient and very easy to drive (van, lorry, trailer, helihoisting).

Its production capacity is 140 x 200 g loaves an hour – 28 kg of bread per hour.

The CBC 300 HJ is a Compact Cube that complies with current European regulations and allows users to apply the principles of the HACCP under very good conditions.

All the elements of the bakery are integrated to the platform and are already connected to electricity, a general cabinet, to water, by means of a circuit fitted with a collector, a pressure limiter and a pump.

The Bakery platform may be used directly on the ground or on duckboards (option).

This equipment is made in France.

The TEX CBC 300 HJ has proved indispensable for field hospitals, military bases, military camps, isolated sites.

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